A Step Toward Publishing Our First Novel

It’s Now in Barrel So To Speak…

As we publish our new website, we’re excited to announce our novel, “Love Decanted,” has come to fruition, at least in draft form. A few friendly reviewers are working their way through this adventure about love, wine, and France, before we seek representation for the book.

To whet your appetite—consider it an aperitif of sorts—we plan to introduce the cast over the next couple of months, beginning with the two main characters, Julie and Peter. You’ll also get to meet their respective best friends, the whimsical Aimee and the larger-than-life Dom; Peter’s volatile estranged wife, Nicole; Julie’s hedonistic cat, Marley; the elusive Parisian landlord, Luc, and his two “associates,” Brothers Jeremy and Tony; the ostentatious replacement cab driver, Bernard; and the ever diplomatic David.

We hope you enjoy and engage with the characters, so leave a comment. They love to interact!

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