Wine Review – 2014 Kellerei Meran Lagrein Segen Riserva

Kellerei Meran Lagrein Segen Riserva 2014 Wine BottleAn indigenous Italian varietal from Kellerei Meran, and one well worth a look, if not two…

We received this wine as a gift from one of our esteemed Austrian-Italian-German colleagues, who billed it as his favourite red. Based on this trusted source, we couldn’t wait to give it a try after allowing it to settle a few weeks following a transatlantic flight. In short, we were more than impressed.

The varietal, Lagrein, an indigenous grape in Sϋditrol-Alto Adige, Italy, shone in terms of the nose, which included grilled meat, hickory, black pepper, toastiness, and, as it opened, anise. In fact, it remined us of a salty hors d’oeuvre served at a high-end restaurant. The mouth, with medium, drying tannins and medium-high acidity offered black cherries, blackberries, leather, earth, and a hint of black grape. It also had a supple mouth-feel and impeccable balance.

When paired with a tomato and green onion risotto dish, it more than held its own. We especially enjoyed the prominent red plum and grilled meat notes that emerged with the risotto. We could see this wine pairing beautifully with an array of dishes, including grilled peppercorn steak, roast beef au jus, and hearty, meat-based stews. We wished we had another bottle to try over the winter months…

The bottle label, a clean, classy look, with a flowing, cursive font, completed the package. Given that we’ve never tried a wine made from Lagrein grapes, we found it hard to evaluate its typicity. At the same time, for all the reasons listed above, we had to give it over 90 points. If you find it, definitely give it a try. You won’t be disappointed.

Rating (from 70 to 100): 91/100

Value: Although we received it as a gift, we found it on the internet for 21,45 Euros, or about $32 CAD, which, in our books, would be a solid 4/5 for the quality.

The Bottle Details…

Name: Kellerei Meran Lagrein Segen Riserva

Vintage: 2014

Producer: Kellerei – Cantina Meran Burggräfler

Region/Country: Sϋditrol-Alto Adige, Italy

Grape Varietal(s): Lagrein

Alcohol content: 14%

Consumed: At home on a brisk fall evening

Recommended By: Received it as a gift from one of our esteemed colleagues in Austria.

Cost: Apparently 21,45 Euros, or about $32 CAD.

Bottle Presentation: A clean, classy label, with a flowing, cursive font. Although the colours come across as somewhat subdued, it maintains a distinctive look.

The Tasting Details…

Appearance: Deep purple.

Nose: A medium nose, with prominent grilled meat, hickory spice, black pepper, toastiness, and, as it opened, hints of anise.

Taste: A medium-bodied Lagrein, with medium, drying tannins and medium-high acidity. In the mouth, we had earth, black cherries, blackberries, tanned leather, a touch of anise, and a hint of black grape.

Finish: A long, earthy finish.

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