Wine Review – Matto Barolo

Matto Barolo 2011 Wine BottlePleasantly surprised by this lighter Italian red

Name: Matto Barolo

Vintage: 2011

Producer: Matto Wines

Region/Country: Piedmont, Italy

Grape Varietal(s): Nebbiolo

Consumed: At Vittoria Trattoria Restaurant

Recommended By: Chosen from the wine list

Cost: $75

Bottle Presentation: Modern and distinct. Part of the label reminded us of an inkblot.

Appearance: Light garnet, which is surprising to us for a 5-year-old wine.

Nose: Wood, leather, berries (blackberries, cranberries), anise.

Taste: Wood, terroir, vanilla, a touch of black pepper.

Finish: Long, wood

Overall Impression: Pleasantly surprised by this lighter Italian red! It paired superbly with all the food offerings. Its spiciness came out with a Cacciatore (chicken and bruschetta) pizza, whereas it tasted balanced and well-rounded with both a margherita pizza and a gorgonzola and raisin tortellini dish. The anise notes came out with the margherita pizza. It did not pair as well with dark chocolate. Interestingly, we did not experience strawberry notes, as suggested on the wine importer’s website, but would definitely drink this wine again.

Rating (from 70 to 100): 90/100

Value: 2.5/5

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