Wine Review – Serras del Priorat 2010

Serras del Priorat 2010 Wine BottleA superb Spanish offering…

Name: Serras del Priorat

Vintage: 2010

Producer: Clos Figueras

Region/Country: Priorat, Spain

Grape Varietal(s): 65% Grenache, 15% Mazuela (Carignan), 10% Syrah, 10% Cabernet Sauvignon

Consumed: August 2, 2015, at the Château Montebello BBQ restaurant. This fantastic place opens during the summer months only, so plan your stay accordingly.

Recommended By: Justin, Château Montebello Sommelier

Cost: 90 CAD

Bottle Presentation: Some childlike, yet colourful and unique

Appearance: Deep, rich, dark red, with a slight tinge of orange around the edges.

Nose: Vanilla, chocolate, leather, and pepper. It almost smells like a Port. Wonderful nose!

Taste: The wine’s complexity reveals itself with each sip, especially as it opens. It was not only enjoyable by itself, but paired exceptionally well with grilled beef and peppercorn sauce, grilled potatoes and red onions, smoked Gouda and Oka cheeses, as well as with the chocolate mousse dessert (an unexpected and most pleasant surprise). I experienced alternating notes of vanilla, black pepper, spices, dark berries, plums, chocolate, and leather.

Finish: Enjoyable, long, and velvety tannins. Impressive for a 5-year-old wine.

Overall Impression: Absolutely loved this wine. Even the sommelier, who joined me for a sip upon my invitation, could not stop smiling after taking a sip. As a bonus, there was one bottle remaining in the cellar, which he put aside for my next visit, so hands off, please!

Rating: 97/100

Value: Because I found this wine online for about 40 CAD, 90 CAD is probably average given the typical restaurant markup. On the flip side, I enjoyed the Serras del Priorat significantly more than some much more expensive wines.

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