Meet The Cast of Love Decanted – Dom

“20 Questions” – Dom

  1. Where would you go on a second date?

As long as she was paying, I’d go pretty much anywhere (laughs). Seriously, I haven’t had too many second dates, but I’d be into a nice dinner with beautiful company.

  1. What makes you laugh?

My uncle, Johnny. Throw a little vino in the mix and get ready to laugh your ass off. He’s getting on a little, but he’s still as sharp as a whip, and as crude as ever.

  1. What is your favourite piece of clothing?

My jeans and leather jacket, especially if I’m out riding my Harley.

  1. What wine has left the greatest impression on you?

My uncles Johnny’s vino left a mark, I still remember it… Seriously, it would have to be the Dom Perignon we had at my wedding.

  1. What is your favourite food and wine pairing?

If I can substitute wine for beer, it would have to be mussels and Belgian beer, or a good steak with a couple of German pilsners.

  1. What did you want to be growing up?

What I am right now, an officer of the law, here to serve and protect.

  1. What is one of your pet peeves?

The twins leaving their Lego pieces on the floor. They friggin’ hurt when you walk on them. Actually, anyone touching my bike makes my blood boil. I’ve got to tell you a story. I used to have a neighbour who practically drooled when he saw my…wait, that didn’t come out right (laughs), what I meant to say is when he saw my Harley. He was always asking me to take him for a ride. Anyway, I noticed some smudges on the paint after I left it outside one night. So, I took it to the lab and had a few fingerprints lifted, which matched the ones I collected from his garbage can lid. You should’ve seen his face when the cruiser showed up. I watched from the window while he nearly crapped himself. It was priceless, and he never touched it again, so the “intervention” worked.

  1. What is your favourite season?

Living here, you get a taste of everything, but I’d have to say the summer, after everyone comes out of hibernation and the city’s alive with beautiful people.

  1. What are three of your core values?

Loyalty, respect, and respect.

  1. If you were an animal, what would it be and why?

Probably a ram or a bull. If you mess with either one, you get the horns, if you know what I mean.

  1. What’s your dream vacation?

Visiting family in Italy. We’re mostly from the south, but I have a few cousins, who live near Venice. There’s nothing better than getting off the plane and greeting relatives, especially ones you like.

  1. What is your favourite sport?

Are you kidding me? One word, Juventus. That’s soccer, by the way. But, living here, I don’t mind the odd hockey game.

  1. What was your nickname in high school?

Vinnie, as in Vinnie Barbarino. “What?… Where?… Why?”

  1. What is your favourite texture?

Latex rubber. Let’s just leave it at that.

  1. What is your favourite smell/aroma?

They haven’t made it into a cologne yet (laughs). Seriously, freshly ground Italian coffee or, better yet, anything my ma cooks.

  1. What is your favourite taste?

Same answer.

  1. What is your favourite swear word?

In Italian, it has to be che cazzo or, dare I say it, porco Dio, but you can blame my uncle Johnny for that, because I never heard anyone say it until it came out of his mouth one Christmas. You should have seen the look on everyone’s face, especially his wife. She pulled out her rosary and started praying, no word of a lie. One of my more recent favourites if taber-fuck, or TBF, which is the best French and English have to offer.

  1. Name one person you admired growing up?

I’ll give you two, Arthur Fonzarelli and, like I mentioned earlier, Vinnie Barbarino.

  1. What was your first car?

A black 1977 Trans Am with a 6.6 litre V-8, just like in Smokey and the Bandit. I bought it used from some guy I used to work with and blew the engine after less than two weeks, although I won a couple of races…maybe I shouldn’t be admitting that here. Anyway, I still have the dice somewhere, probably in a box in my basement. I wonder what the guys would say if I showed up at work with them hanging from the rear-view mirror.

  1. What is the wildest thing you have ever done?

Let’s just say, and you didn’t hear it from me, but picture it, if you will, the hot sun, a motorcycle, and no pants… I could tell you more, but then, I’d have to kill you (laughs).

  1. What are you most afraid of?

I can’t think of anything. You can’t be afraid in my line of work.

  1. What makes you cringe?

Dirty diapers. Just ask my wife, she could tell you a story or two.

  1. What is your favourite song?

Anything by Aerosmith, any day of the week, the Stones, and Eric Clapton.

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